ZY 360L-12S50
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RM 935.00

Chrome Armrest
Chrome metal frame armrest with upholstery armpad is designed for its visual aesthetics, durability and reliability. The top
upholstery armpad provides soft texture and cushiony feel for a more comfortable resting of elbows. (Pic. 1)

Aluminium Base
5 pronged die-cast aluminium polished base, generates by highly sophisticated ambience to provide strong stability. (Pic. 2)

Fine Stitches
Enhanced quality upholstery and fine stitching workmanship. (Pic. 3)

Tilting Mechanism
Swivel Knee Tilt Synchronized Mechanism with multi tilting lock system and tilt at 30° reclining position, not only allows separate
tilting of backrest and seating in different angles, but also with angle locker helps user to control over tilting angles depending
on preferred working postures, making every seating position a perfect balanced environment. (Pic. 4)

Height Adjustable Pneumatic Cylinder
Imported heavy duty pneumatic cylinder designed with safety and durability features, allows for height adjustment of the chair
to suit each users physique. (Pic. 5)

Polyurethane Moulded Foam
High density polyurethane moulded foam come with fire retardant feature, gives the seat flexibility to conform user seating
posture, provides great support and best comfort even for long seating hours. (Pic. 6)


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